About Poker Armor (Our Poker Glasses):

The Poker Armor brand was created by passionate and successful poker players for poker players. We are now the largest supplier of specialty and fashion conscious poker glasses and poker sunglasses in the world. Our movement is based on tradition but not bound to it. It is inspired by the poker pioneer and then molded to those who wish to express themselves with style and innovation. Every battle requires the necessary protection to give yourself an advantage on your opponent and our mission is to give you that advantage whether its in your local home game or the nearby casino. There is a new generation of poker players - a pro in every player, a leader at every table and a fearless opponent at every battle. Be protected and join the movement.

About our Poker Glasses:

Our lenses are proprietary, as our technology allows for the greatest amount of visual light penetration while still restricting other players from seeing your eyes or in essence looking into your soul. We utilize a gradient lens that is virtually clear from the bottom of the lens to the bottom of your eyes. This allows for maximum light penetration while maintaining maximum eye protection. This clear bottom is designed so that when looking at the table cards you are viewing them through the clear portion of the lens. We then have our lenses flash mirror coated so that your opponent will see their reflection rather then your eyes. From there we use an anti-reflective coating that prevents any visual distortion when worn inside under artificial lighting. Our frames are made of the highest quality polycarbonate plastic and have proprietary base curves or wrap to prevent other players from seeing your eyes from the sides. All glasses are individually inspected to make sure the product is defect free.

Our L.I.S.T Philosophy:

Light: There are many case studies that indicate that diminished light effects ones concentration which ultimately results in a lack of performance. Our lenses are designed with a tight gradient tolerance which creates an exact angle of light transmission when looking down at the cards. Light enters the glasses through the bottom portion of the lens, below eye level. In addition, our flash mirror coating allows for more light transmission by allowing for a lighter lens color. Don't be left in the dark when playing poker.

Intimidation: Just as boxers go in to a fight with a stair down, good poker players never take their eyes of their opponents. They remain still with a straight face and intimidate other players. Just think of the opposite; the players who do all the talking and laughing at the table- They always leave with no chips. As mentioned, some competitors use an orange lens to accomplish the same task but we don't find that to have any intimidation factor. All of our glasses and gear are black and bold looking.

Style: Our glasses were designed for style and performance.essentially for winning results and looks. All glasses have our logo embedded into the frame as expensive designer glasses do. Our glasses meet high quality design and manufacturing standards also found in most designer glasses. Our lenses are dark grey and are frames are black giving our poker glasses a bold fashion forward style.

Tells: Commonly referred to as showing another player a hint as to what you have. The best poker players never even blink. The FBI and CIA have done many case studies utilizing "blink rate" analysis to see if one is telling the truth or is an uneasy about a question or situation. The quicker the frequency of the blink rate tells other players that you are uneasy about the situation.. A tell that often becomes forgotten in the most intense moments but becomes remembered when you lose your chips. Eye movement by secretly trying to look at someone near the time of your bet or theirs shows weakness or a losing hand. When wearing our glasses your opponents won't see what your eyes are doing. So whether you are looking through the poker glasses or others at looking at you from the other side, you wont let the truth be told because you have already found it out from them.